At LAX Airport Mike Huckabee Turns and Gives Sarah Sanders a Surprise Shoutout

A TMZ reporter caught up with former governor Mike Huckabee at the Los Angeles International Airport this week and asked Huckabee how he thought his daughter, Sarah Sanders, was doing as White House Press Secretary.

Mike Huckabee goes on to praise Sanders for the incredible job she has done so far. There is no doubt that Sarah is one of America’s most competent press secretaries yet. She is able to handle the reporters with such maturity and patience – it is absolutely incredible.

“I think she does a terrific job. She’s loyal, which is one of her attributes that work for him. She’s tough. She respects the press, she knows they’ve got a job to do. But she’s got a job to do. And she does it well.” 

Huckabee and the reporter agree that the press can be difficult, but that Sanders knows how to choose her battles with a liberal press corps.

“I think she’s doing great at it. And the most important thing: the President thinks she’s doing great. That’s what matters.”

Mike and Sarah Huckabee are true patriots who will continue to serve our country with loyalty and respect! Share this if you support the Huckabee family!

 Source> US truth wire | Video 

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