JUST IN: Barack Obama Is DONE – Congress Shut Down His Illegal Activities

What is left of Obama’s administration has shown one more time that they nothing more than criminals. Finally, it looks like the end of the “shadow government” is coming soon.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a big investigation is carried out by the Congress in order to find out who was all engaged in the process of “unmasking” of Donald Trump and his assistants during the change. Congress seems to be seriously into the matter. Obama, Susan Rice, and the others should try to save themselves. As for now, the Congress had issued three warrants.

It is hard to cover up what they have done, as they decided to wiretap our President and his allies in order to gain information. Susan Rice unconstitutionally leaked information for the media, making the citizens lose trust in our institutions.

The liberals’ greatest wish is to see President Donald Trump going down, which as for now does not look like might happen. Donald Trump will support the work of the Congress, hoping that together they will get rid of the hypocrites and spies, because We, The People do not need them.

We do not want something similar to what was happening to us during the past 8 years to be happening again. We deserve something more than shady democracy who does illegal activities.

It will not happen overnight, but slowly, step-by-step, our president will get the United States of America back to the right path. He will protect us, our borders, and remove everyone who wishes no well to the American citizens.

As soon as the Congress is done investigating, Obama and his associates will be gone for good. We are all sick and tired of people trying to slow our country’s prosperity down, discredit our Leader, and do nothing legal into fighting their way back to the government.

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