Shocking: Phill Mudd’s threats and calls for violence culminate, saying that Trey Gowdy deserves a good ass kicking

Calling for violence upon a sitting Congress member is a serious matter.

However, Phill Mudd does not share this opinion. He said it loud and clear for everyone to hear that Trey Gowdy “should have his ass kicked”.

The audacity to make such statement really shows how some people are careless and pay absolutely no attention to what they say – instead they seek to turn everything into a clown show, dragging it all down to their level in the process. However you honestly can’t expect anything better from these people.

They are never able to provide a direct solution or at least a sound advice, only criticize and belittle. It is easy to dish out criticism in every possible direction and providing solutions is not. Also, openly calling for violence and threatening to other people, especially Trey Gowdy, is not a wise thing to do.

All in all, this will not end well for Mudd, considering how skilled and thorough Gowdy is, but only time will tell. In the meantime, we can wait for the inevitable: that Phill Mudd is going to have to learn this lesson the other, hard way and it will not be pleasant at all. Unfortunately, this is the only way some people can learn.

It is a painful, but efficient method nonetheless.


source :  nevermissnewsagain

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