Rex Tillerson Absolutely Blasts Away Senator John McCain! Ouch!

John McCain is above all determined to take down the president from his position.

He does not expect one thing though: Rex Tillerson aid. This honorable man right here is the first one who jumped to defend president Trump and for he did it for all right reasons.

Donald Trump has already made it clear several times that will not tolerate this kind of disobedience, hatred and assault from somebody who should be supporting him and helping him, not the opposite.

Could it be that they have some other, ulterior, far more sinister motives for relentlessly attacking Donald Trump and condemning every little thing that he does or does not? It is far from impossible that this might be the actual case.

His goals and methods are strict, that is why he was so popular, supported and elected in the first place – because he has his own way and he is firmly sticking to that. No alterations, no adapting, no changing and certainly no abandoning of them.

People have been severely disappointed and exhausted by spineless politicians who serve everyone’s interests but theirs. Thankfully, those times are long gone because there is a new big player in town (or White House, if you prefer).

He promised he will not change his way and you may count on that!


source : usaworldbox

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