President Trump’s new plans for 2nd amendment cause shock among some parts of population!

Donald Trump’s new statement about gun laws was shocking to a lot of people, liberals mostly.

He clearly states that it is a right to of every man, head of the family and household, to carry arms in order to protect his family and others that he holds dear.

Limp-wristed liberals, who are literally afraid of guns like little wimps they are, immediately threw one of their silly, infantile tantrums because that is what they are, spoiled children trapped in bodies of adult, grown people. Moreover, president Trump said that right to bear arms predates the state and the Constitution, it is a fundamental right to be able to defend yourself and people that are in need of defense.

If your rights to bear arms and your rights for concealed carry are taken away, you are literally left on your own and you will be a sitting duck for all possible kinds of criminals, felons, maniacs and lunatics. We definitely and absolutely agree with president Trump on this matter, gun control is just an excuse to disarm your own population and practically help nationwide crime skyrocket.

Let us just pray to God that never happens, for if we completely lose our right to bear arms, chaos, anarchy and insanity will definitely ensue.


source : patriotfires

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