Breaking news: Congress has had it enough, measures will be taken – Soros and Obama have no comment!

We are still genuinely baffled that there are people out there who still support Barack Obama and things he did to this country and its people.

Those are the very same people who are financed and instigated by George Soros, so it is no surprise that Barack Obama and George Soros have pooled their forces and efforts to further destabilize America and Europe. Make no mistake, they will not tire, they will not rest until they get what they want and reach their goal.

In liberal heads and minds, it does not really matter what you say or what you do as long as you are popular for all things fashionable and trendy. You must be likeable as well and virtue signal as hard as you can and every possible liberal in the country will salivate at your presence and image.

People did not want another Barack Obama, that is the reason why they did not elect another Democrat, Hillary Clinton, who is possibly even worse than Obama. They saw that Democrats could not care less about them and the future of their children.


People cast their votes in favor of Donald Trump, since he genuinely knows what is good for people and had proven himself multiple times that he is a capable, responsible man.

source :  patriotjournal

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