ABC poll presents a new record relating to Donald Trump’s presidency and reelection approval ratings!

Newest poll by ABC shows that citizen who voted for Donald Trump back in November would do it again!

It is no mystery why due to how successful Trump has been so far and he kept most of his promises. What can be said about this great man except that he is a true patriot and completely deserves all commendations and praise he is getting right now.

Probably the most important thing that he is doing is mercilessly exposing all crooked politicians and their lackeys, shedding light on forgotten or outright ignored cases and pleas, maintaining old and developing new political, economical, social and business partnerships and deals. He is a man with both of his feet on the ground, realistic, uncompromising and relentless.

It was about time we got a worthy president, right after Clinton, Obama and Bush disasters. People have had enough of their lies, treacheries, betrayal and destructive policies, their unquenchable lust for power and wealth, they finally swept away those leeches and demanded a real change.


They finally got it and they honestly, unquestionably deserved it. They have already made their choice on reelecting Donald Trump in 2020, which only serves as further proof of his achievements so far.

source : americainformer

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