VIDEO: Refugees Try To Take Whatever They Please Then Young Woman Dishes Out A NASTY Surprise

There is recent security footage from K-Mart in Finland which shows one young and courageous girl, Anna standing her ground against Muslim immigrants that tried to shoplift in the store.

Well, not on her watch! She puts up some serious fight and is not to be trifled with, as we can see in this fantastic video! She says that her biggest role models are her two big brothers and her father who taught her how to protect herself and handle thugs.

A lot of so-called modern men can learn from this brave girl, because Anna is truly a figure of inspiration for everyone, male and female. Now, this is just one, extremely rare case of “refugee” crime where everything turned out well in the end. Let us just keep in mind that this is a daily occurrence, that is, this is happening every day all across Europe.

These poor and innocent “refugees” are openly showing hostility toward their host countries and peoples, breaking the law and committing atrocious crimes whenever and wherever they find it fit. Keep in mind that at least 90% of these “Syrian refugees” are not even Syrian, they are from Sub Saharan Africa, Pakistan and some other Middle Eastern countries, but not Syria. Luckily for us, this insane “poor refugees” narrative is slowly falling apart, because these people are incompatible with European traditions, cultures and way of life.

They are also never going to assimilate, because when they come to Europe to escape “brutal civil war in Syria” they bring their way of life with them. Now, the notion that we are somehow responsible to house, clothe and feed an infinite number of these people is impossible in every aspect. More about this fantastic and exciting story can be found in the link.


source usherald

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