Trump unveiling corruption, treason and various scandals all over Washington!

Majority of American people are still asking themselves and others one seemingly complicated question: how Barack Obama got elected in the first place, let alone twice?

His actions have been nothing but disastrous for everyone and everything, he lied about literally every single thing that he promised during his campaigns, as a matter of fact, he did everything opposite of what he said.

Yet he still enjoys enormous support from leftists, which really goes to show their mentality and true intentions behind their mask of so-called humanity and freedom. However, Barack Obama’s rule of terror is far from over, he is still operating from the shadows and doing everything he can to hinder Trump’s attempts to adjust and settle in the White House.

They are constantly and tirelessly trying to undermine him and his actions, digging up all kinds of dirt and let’s be fair, most of that nonsense is either made up or inflated to create sensationalism.



We are also perfectly aware of Obama’s dealings and machinations with Muslim Brotherhood, as well as infiltrating Muslims in the White House staff among other things, so we can see why Obama does not intend to give up on attacking Donald Trump, his family and his actions whenever he sees an opportunity for that.

source  redwhiteandright

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