Tim Allen Blackballed By Hollywood For Saying THIS About Trump

All the time we hear about the Left preaching tolerance and lecturing everyone how to be more tolerant and open-minded, but it is just a farce.

Everybody knows that liberals and leftists are the biggest hypocrites and most intolerant people out there, practicing their double-standards and repressive tolerance every day. Tim Allen spoke on this issue, saying that he is fed up with liberals and Hollywood elite smearing and character assassinating everyone who disagrees with them.

Everyone, including Tim Allen, is tired of Democrats and their witch hunts on individuals and groups that dare oppose or challenge their views and agenda. The truth is that all these, and we are talking about liberals in Hollywood, are living in gated communities and possess literally no knowledge about the outside world and events that occur on a daily basis, except information they are being spoon fed by the Democrats and they mainstream media outlets.

They do not know nor do they care about these happenings, incidents, lies and revelations – the only thing they actually care about is virtue-signaling to other liberals how “progressive, tolerant and open-minded” they are and it all boils down to just that, liberal/leftist virtue-signaling. Tim Allen also commented on all recent comments, public and online insults and smears against Donald Trump, saying that they are allowed to have their opinion, but that makes their opinion no less or more valid, especially when talking about Hollywood figures.

Liberals are allegedly the biggest promoters of free speech, but their actions say the opposite, since they are already famous for shutting down anyone who disagrees with them, branding it as “hate speech” and the spokesperson “hater”. If you want to know more about this interesting story, visit the link.


source ; americannews

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