Supporting Trump’s deportation of Muslims – yes or no?

President of the United States, Donald Trump, is working full time keep his promises that got him elected in the first place.

He is deporting Muslim refugees and righteously so, since most of them are not even Syrian as most of them claim to be and therefore most definitely they are not refugees, but typical “economic migrants”, various kinds of welfare leeches and scammers.

One thing is certain though: their numbers are seemingly endless, since they are coming in millions. Soon the entire Middle Eastern and African population will migrate to America and Europe, which will inevitably cause (it is already causing) complete chaos and anarchy. Why, you may ask?

They are abusive and exploitative of their host’s hospitality and generosity; they are ungrateful and hostile; most of them are not “helpless, innocent women and children and casualties of war”, but adult, military-age men in their prime strength. It sounds concerning and downright scary and it actually is, since our corrupt and traitorous governments are importing them in by millions so they can live on taxpayer-funded programs, housing and money. More and more people are waking up to reality of situation each and every day, that is why the president Donald Trump is so popular and that is why he won.

His hopes and intentions are to make Americans streets safer and restrict traveling freedoms from terrorism-ridden countries. Naturally, being blown to pieces by a suicide bomber (or their latest trend, truck driving rampage), shot, mutilated or burned alive by Islamic terrorists and lunatics is not really anyone’s cup of tea, which means it is of utmost importance to deport and ban all shady figures and suspicious persons, organizations and gatherings. Islam and its practices and values are not compatible with America and Europe, they will never be, it is a fact that will not change.


H/T freedomsfinalstand

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