Sadly, there was more clashing with police officers.

Drunk Driver Marques Bates Attacked Trooper Alaa Hamed, Then Citizens Rushed-In To Help The Trooper

Sadly, there was more clashing with police officers. This time it was Marques Bates from Chicago who was pulled over by Indiana State trooper, Alaa Hamed.

Marques Bates was obviously intoxicated, there was a strong alcoholic odor emanating from him and car, as well as an unidentified passenger. That is not all though – he was driving at a very high speed, exceeding the limit by far, through red light and he ignored traffic lights as well. When he was pulled over by Alaa Hamed, he resisted arrest and became aggressive.

He was obviously willing to fight with Hamed, who was doing his job and removed Bates from the road, as he was extremely dangerous for the traffic and driving under influence is against the law. Marques Bates failed both preliminary breath test and sobriety test, he continued to verbally assault the trooper and resist arrest.

Bates then got out of the car and fled the scene, while Hamed pursued him. At one point Bates turned around and pushed Hamed away, who did not relent and eventually caught up. The fight ensued, where Bates had deal several blows to the trooper who was desperately trying to arrest him, but something great happened then – two citizen came to the rescue and helped the trooper detain the fugitive and bring him to justice.

Bates was charged for resisting arrest and assault on law enforcement officer, driving under the influence as well as several other charges. These kind of discreet heroes, such as these two honorable citizens who had helped Hamed, are always appreciated and are true protectors of the community and upholders of the law. If you wish to read more about this incredible and exciting story, you can read more about it in the link.


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