Muslim Women Block Traffic With Their Protesting – Doesn’t End Well For Them

Muslims protesting – this sentence is hilarious right off the bat, considering it comes from religion, ideology and people who decapitate, rape, hang, flay and blow up whoever they do not seem fit.

This time we have some Muslim women protesting (once again it is quite funny) in broad daylight, thus blocking the traffic while being what all Muslims in America and Europe are – useless parasites demanding free everything forever, paid and sponsored by hard-working American and European taxpayers.

Now, this was always baffling to us – they flee from their “oppressive, war-ridden” countries in millions, they come to America and Europe where they expect to get godlike treatment, reap maximum benefits and enjoy all possible privileges while contributing absolutely nothing themselves. So the real question emerges now: how do they even have the guts to protest about something when they are given everything, while they provide nothing in return? This is pure insolence and exploitation and should be dealt with harshly.

However, this protest was not so successful for them, since one brave American man showed them what he thinks about them and their backwards ideals and values, running them over with his car! Two women were taken to the hospital for broken bones, hopefully that will teach them!


source  freedomcrossroads

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