Jessie Rides in 700+ HP Mustang

You can’t deny it – everyone likes fast cars and hot chicks and you are no exception. This 1994 Ford Mustang Coupe and the hot blond babe riding in it, Jessie, are bound to meet your expectations.

This video does not tarry and waste any time at all, from the very beginning we see both stars of this video and the test drive begins. Jessie gets into the Ford Mustang, fastens her seatbelt and braces herself for a wild ride, determined to have some fun and receive a nice dose of adrenaline boost.

We think that there is no need for any further analysis if she is enjoying it or not, everything is more than obvious just by looking at her smile. They go cruising around the city, showing everybody what the Mustang is capable of, including Jessie. You may take just one look at her face and see that she is more that satisfied to be in that passenger seat, taming this mechanical beast. The thundering roar of the engine fills the air, creating a sound of fun and danger.

It is also worth mentioning that this Ford Mustang is sporting a manual transmission, which is interesting. When it comes to transmission, opinions are divided: some prefer automatic (most notably in North America) while some like doing it manually (most notably in Europe). Of course, that is a relatively minor difference because, trust us, manual and automatic transmission will be the least of your worries.

Check out this great video and you are guaranteed to enjoy the ride in this magnificent Ford Mustang as much as beautiful Jessie did. Take our word for it, once you see it you won’t get enough of it.

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