The future of combat and military vehicles is here at the present.

You are probably wondering what we are talking about here – well, here we have a super-stealth warship that the military does not own.

We are talking about the Ghost, a technologically innovative combat boat and it is very aptly named the Ghost. Here is the Ghost’s background story: a self-made millionaire Gregory Sancoff spent the past decade and millions of his own money designing and building this nautical wonder of a boat.

It is privately funded by Juliet Marine Systems and its total development costs no less than 15 million dollars to date. Millionaire Gregory Sancoff himself has personally invested no less than 5 million dollars himself, which really tells that he has a lot of faith in this entire project and supports it with all his spirit, despite all other risks that are always present in every project.

He also mentions that products like the Ghost need to be made to get the government’s interest to support your project as well. It is also very important to note that the Ghost is the first ‘supercavitating’ craft means that it has the entire underwater structure surrounded in gas.

Pretty cool, don’t you think? It is very easy to drive and control, maneuver through the water with ease and grace. Now here is the fun part: it has jet engines and it also has a steering joystick, which practically means you can move and steer the boat like in a video game using the controller, which is very impressive indeed.

We highly recommend that you watch this great video and see what the Ghost is all about. We guarantee that you will be impressed!

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