FINALLY: President Trump will stop welfare abusers once and for all!

Many people are shocked by president Trump’s move to prevent and remove welfare abusers from the system.

We live in age and system where removing parasites and abusers is a bad thing, where they are portrayed as innocent victims while the law enforcers are the tyrants and aggressors.

This is coming to an end now. Welfare system, from now on, will be used for its original purpose and that is to help those in need, which is great news. There are two primary groups of welfare receivers who are targeted by president Trump and those are lottery winners and sexual predators. Let’s start off with lottery winners: obviously, if you win a lottery, you do not need the public purse anymore.

This group is also prone to selling food stamps and various other scams, causing further harm to everyone: the government, the people who actually need welfare in order to survive and taxpayers who make it all possible. The second group, sexual predators, should not get any government support in form of welfare for obvious reasons. President Trump is aware that the middle-class citizens and workers are sick of being drained by lazy freeloaders and indolent bloodsuckers who are forever expecting freebies and giveaways sponsored by the government and taxpayers. It is time to get a job and receive money that you earn with your own hands.

The welfare system is violated and exploited by the nation’s laziest and most languid people imaginable. This is the fault of Barack Obama and his destructive and self-destructive policies: he raised a nation of crybabies that feel entitled to get everything for free just because they are alive. That is pure nonsense. Each and every single living person has an innate drive to earn and produce and president Trump will steer that drive in the right direction.


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