Containers Disguised As Furniture And Filled With 52 Tons Of Ammunitions And Guns Get Discovered By Border Guards

Why are we still talking about things and situations like this?

How many times must these things happen in order to open people’s eyes to the situation and current state of affairs that is surrounding us? Why are all these hostile people that hate us, our way of life, our values and heritage pouring into our countries by millions and consist almost exclusively of young, military age men that are nothing more than invaders with clear intentions and motives?

These are valid and above all serious questions that are just floating in the air, waiting to be asked and the answers are right in front of our noses. They will never integrate nor assimilate, they will never accept our way of life and values – instead they will create parallel societies and no-go zones (like they are already doing in Europe), they will smuggle weapons and people, suicide bomb everyone and everything, shoot up airports and malls, go on bloody truck rampages and pretty much all their practices that we are already familiar with. In this particular situation at hand, when border guard thoroughly inspected Conex containers, what they found was expected.

We are talking about 52 tons of ammunitions and guns which were disguised as furniture and were supposed to be taken to Muslim immigrants. There goes the myth of “moderate and civilized” Muslims down the drain, once and again. Like we already said when we talked about this moderate Muslim phenomenon – there is no such thing.

They will lie, cheat, deceive in order to fool you and get what they want and the very moment they hear about some Muslim suicide bomber that blew himself up, they will cheer and praise him, calling for solidarity with him and showing support for him and his actions.

They will also sell guns to other terrorists and Islamic organizations. We must be wise and stop being so blind and fooled by these people and their vile falsehoods.




source bluevision

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