Building a vacuum coffee maker out of light bulbs – Science in a nutshell

Electrical bulbs are important invention since day one. We use them all the time and we can’t live without them, but do you know you can make a coffee maker out of two light bulbs? Probably not, because who comes up with this nonsense. Well, many creative youtubers do, so stick around and we will try to explain it for you.
First you need to get two light bulbs and one sheet of sand paper. Now you have to be extremely careful because you can break bulbs easily. Sand the top of one bulb and keep sanding until you have about 2/3 of glass left. Then you can use appliers to take out center part of bulb. Take other bulb and sand it but upside down, the black part and to the same thing for first bulb.
Okay, so your bulbs are partly ready. Now you have to get 8cm liquid dropper and some silicon. You have to put one rubber on top of dropper and then glue it with silicon. Please be careful while using silicon, it can damage your skin. When it dries, it usually takes about 10 – 12 hours to fully dries, you can put it on first bulb and glue it do the bottom. Rest of the process is show in video below, but first read this tips and notes:
Be careful while sanding bulbs it can easily brake. It usually takes around 10 minutes to sand one bulb so be patient.
This coffee maker is just a fun DIY project and it’s for education and fun purpose only, don’t use it for making coffee.

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