BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Just Woke Up In Jail


Another day, another Clinton scandal conveniently concealed from the public, for the time being. There’s nothing anybody can do about it, but it should come as no surprise since these are the Clintons we are talking about, after all.

This time it was not Bill or Hillary, which is surprising already since we are all used to their scandals, crimes and mischief, this time it was Chelsea Clinton and she is more than ready to continue the long family practice of not taking any responsibility for your actions and causing ruckus wherever you show up, both literally and figuratively.

Now let’s be honest here, you simply can’t expect to hear anything good whenever you see a Clinton, either their faces or their names, so this story is no different. After a long night’s drinking with the crew, Chelsea came up with a rather brilliant idea to pay a visit to the old Rolling Rock brewery which was shut down some years ago, in 1996, to be precise.

She then made her way to the factory site and, as you might have guessed, started behaving like a spoiled brat, yelling at the closed factory and throwing rocks, furiously swearing and asking about the mysterious number 33 on the bottle. She was apprehended by the police for disturbing the peace and taken to a county jail where she had spent the night.

“She was a complete b*tch. She told us that if we didn’t let her go that her mother would have us all killed. We couldn’t believe it in the morning when the governor himself called to tell us to let her go. I don’t care though. If I lose my job I lose my job.”

Needless to say, she was of course released immediately the morning after, because in true Clinton fashion, no matter what you do, you will never answer for your actions and crimes.

It goes without saying that the precinct even got a phone call from someone from the top, probably the governor, to intervene and release Chelsea immediately. Her police record is clean despite the arrest, which is no surprise once again.


source  thelastlineofdefense



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