Al Sharpton’s malicious race-baiting and fake concern for his community called out by Donald Trump

One of the most blatantly shameless and malicious race-baiters known to mankind that goes by the name of Al Sharpton was recently put to his rightful place by no other than Donald Trump himself.

His favorite sport and activity which is he so famous for didn’t help him this time since Trump was the one who delivered the first punch. He called Al Sharpton a cheat and a con man who does not believe what he says to others, which is to be expected, but only does it to create more confusion and nonsense in minds of everyone, which is where his power lies.

Trump also called him out on his shady tax evasion, exposing him as nothing more than a hypocrite, a liar and a thief. Who wants to have business with such man? Who can believe such man? His words nor his actions so far carry absolutely zero weight, except when it comes to race-baiting and blaming White people for every conceivable problem, of course.

The easiest method of getting away with controversial machinations and shady dealings is to point fingers at everyone else and yell, thusly removing the spotlight of the situation from oneself or even painting oneself as the “true victim” of whatever. Al Sharpton is truly the grandmaster of these two things.


source  patriotfires

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