2017 Dodge Cuda release date, redesign and pictures

For all you Dodge fans out there, which we are sure there are many, we have some great and exciting news and that is the 2017 Dodge Barracuda SRT Coupe will replace the Dodge Challenger muscle car.

The progenitor of this idea and project is none than Ralph Dills, head of the Street and Racing Technology division and vice president of design for the Chrysler group. He said that he would like to see the Barracuda model revived and is determined about it. When it comes the release date, it is most probably going to be this year we’re going to get the grand and long expected remake.

However, based on the info that we have received from the journalists and other car enthusiasts, it is going to be more of a PR move than a revival of the beloved and legendary Plymouth Barracuda.

Some other info sources have reported that the new Barracuda will be radically different from the model of the Challenger, which is about to switch places with. The new model will have dimensions comparable with the Ford Mustang and its weight is also expected to decrease by 160 kg, which is a decent amount in our opinion. Also, according to rumors and hearsay, the car is going to be built on a new rear drive platform which is developed by the Fiat – Chrysler alliance.

As for other aesthetical means and its exterior design, it is best that you take a look at the car yourself and see why everybody is so hyped about it. Just watch the video and enjoy the fruits of modern Street and Racing Technology, brought to you by Dodge and its contributors.

source  carsintrend.

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